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Why Choose Mr.Fit Protein Shaker Bottle?

Mr.Fit shaker bottle is 100% BPA and DEHP free and made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and recyclable materials. Mr.Fit Protein shaker is cups are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Made With 5 PP (polypropylene).

Mr.Fit Protein shaker Bottle Features:

  • ODOR RESISTANT MATERIAL: Mr.Fit shaker bottle is made with Tritan Plastic, which makes the cup odor resistant, so you don’t have to gag down your protein drinks. It’s also 100% BPA/BPS-free plastic to ensure supplements stay clean.
  • NO LEAK LIDS: The wide-mouth shaker bottle cap locks in place to prevent messy spills from happening.
  • SAFE AND HEALTHY: Mr.Fit Protein shaker water bottles are 100% BPA and DEHP free and made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and recyclable materials. All cups are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Made With 5 PP (polypropylene). Polypropylene is a low-toxin plastic that is tolerant of heat.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: The Mr.Fit shaker bottle also includes a sturdy lid loop for easy transport to and from the gym. The Mr.Fit shaker bottle is just the right size that fits in nearly all cup holders.
  • MEASUREMENT LINES FOR DRINKS ON-THE-GO: Now you can perfectly measure your favorite protein shake or protein blend using the built-in measurement lines within the shaker bottle.
  • NO SHAKING ACCESSORIES NEEDED: Mr.Fit shaker bottle comes with a free Mr.Fit Shaker Ball.

Mr.Fit Protein Shaker Bottle Extra Features:

1) Suitable for hot warm cold water. Perfect for protein shakes, smoothies, pancake batter, scrambled eggs, fiber drinks, dressings, meal replacements, and more.

2) Newest non-toxic PP Mr.Fit mixer ball whisk moves freely inside the shaker bottle as you shake, mixing even the thickest ingredients with ease. Enjoy your drinking and nutrition when you are in sports, good for avid gym-goer.

3) New designed PP stirring ball, better shake, better mix. Drink with open, quickly, and conveniently.

4) Wide mouth design: easy to add ice and clean, easy mixing.

5) Make you taste the joy of exercise in motion, the stimulation of competition, cooperation, pleasure, make you experience setbacks and courage, failure and success, striving, and victory.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need a protein shaker bottle?
A: If you want to mix the whey protein blend correctly, then you need a good quality Mr.Fit protein shaker with a mixer ball in it.

Q: Which is the best protein shaker in India?
A: There are many Shaker Bottles in India, But if you want a BPA FREE and high-quality protein shaker then Mr.Fit Protein shaker is the best rated one.

Q: What are Shaker Bottles for?
A: Shaker Bottles are mainly used to mix protein powder. They can also be used as water bottles and bottles for cycling.

Q: How do you keep a protein shaker clean?
A: Protein Shaker needs to be cleaned after every use. Remove the top of the shaker bottle and squeeze a dish soap into the bottle. Then, carefully add some boiling, hot water to the bottle and allow it to sit. Leave the top off, and clean it separately using soap and warm water paying special attention to the mouthpiece and cap.

Q: Which shaker bottle is the best?
A: There are many Shaker Bottles, But if you want a BPA FREE and high-quality protein shaker then Mr.Fit Protein shaker is the best rated one.

How to use Mr.Fit Protein Shaker Bottle:

1) Open the lid.

2) Pour the quantitative nutrition powder into the shaker bottle.

3) Add the right amount of water (recommended warm water below 40℃ / 104℉).

4) Cover the lid, shake the shaker bottle (the Mr.Fit mixer ball is inside the bottle).

5) Open the lid, then you can enjoy your drinks.

Package List:

1) 1x Mr.Fit Shaker Bottle.

2) 1x Mr.Fit Mixer Ball.

5 Things you could make with a Mr.Fit Shaker Bottle:

  • Iced Coffee/Lattes/Matcha: Forget to get about Starbucks, our bottles can make fantastic icy cold drinks. it’s super easy to make with our shaker bottle.
  • Cocktails: You can blend, shake, not stir to simply mix a cocktail. Finally, you won’t have to deal with terribly mixed drinks anymore.
  • Protein Pancake Mix: How about banana protein pancakes? Its 5 simple ingredients, 2 (20g each) scoops of protein powder, 1 large very ripe banana, 1/8 tsp. cinnamon, 1/4 tsp. baking powder, 1/4 tsp. salt, 2 large eggs, and this handy, reliable, trusted shaker bottle.
  • Ready-to-Pour Salad Dressings and Sauces: Those little seasoning packets are part of the college living norm. It doesn’t make sense to buy ready-made dressings and sauces when one can’t refrigerate them.
  • Scrambled Eggs: It’s difficult to scramble eggs the right way. If you shake your eggs in a Mr.Fit blender bottle instead of using a fork, you’ll get a smoother egg to make your morning a little more pleasant.
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